"" We believe in quality, and QUALITY is always remembered, long after PRICE is forgotten.""

Hetauda Ready Mix Concrete

Hetauda Ready Mix (Hetauda RMC) Concrete is a fully owned subsidiary of Baniya Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd. Hetauda RMC has been established with a view to provide efficiency in quality products and services to its customers at their doorstep, and enable speedy and hassle free construction. Hetauda RMC believes that technology enables in achieving quality and quantity enables in achievement of good will.

Using German technology supplied by Putzmeister, Hetauda RMC has an inbuilt capacity of producing 60 m3 of concrete per hour. Using Transit mixers supplied by Putzmeister, of 6 m3 capacity. Hetauda RMC ensures smooth delivery of quality concrete of various grades to its valued customer. Further to enable concreting at heights. Hetauda RMC has invested in Moli Pumps & Stationary Pumps which throw concrete with easy upto 200 meters of height.

With the right operators and quality control team, technology can be enchased to its full capacity for the reason. Hetauda RMC maintains a fully trained team to deliver quality and ensure safety during construction. Hetauda RMC aims to provide its clients with comfort in construction, saving of costs, and most of all consistency in quality for the projects.


RMC is concrete that is manufactured in a factory or batching plant according to a set recipe & then delivered to a customer by truck mounted with transit mixers. Ready Mix Concrete is a mixture Portland cement aggregate sand and gravel crushed stone, mixed with water in controlled conditions in specified proportions. Ready Mix contributes its mixing procedure until delivery.


At Hetauda RMC, ready mix concrete is produced in our fully automated and computerized concrete batching plant, Hetauda RMC manufactures and supplies concrete mixes, which are designed in our well-equipped laboratory, to meet the highest quality standards.

Concrete produced from fully automated batching plants guarantees quality. The raw materials are subjected to stringent quality checks from the very initial stage. Once the raw material quality is approved, the quantity used in each batch of concrete is checked by automated weight feeders at feeding point. Once concrete is mixed in the mixer, cube tests are carried out, before the concrete is loaded in the Transit Mixers. Further, cube tests are carried out at the clients project site in presence of the client to ensure the desired strength of the concrete. Our expert lab technicians work round the clock to


  • Labor and site supervision cost is reduced
  • Pollution free
  • Reduces project time
  • Cements wastages are minimized due to bulk handling
  • Speedy construction
  • Premium quality concrete
  • Conserved natural resources


  • Civil engineering works and structures
  • Building projects
  • Road and systems development
  • Concrete for special foundation i. e walls, piles, support walls, etc.


  • Automatic plant monitors the weight batching, water cement ratio and moisture content
  • Capable of producing concrete ranging from M10 to M40
  • Transit mixture ranges from 2m3 to 7m3 capacities
  • Concretes are pumped by efficient pumps that can pump up to 150m horizontally and 90m vertically at the rate of 52 m3/hr.